STARTER Plastic welding rods 25pcs ABS, PP, HDPE, PC/PBT, PP/PE


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Starter 25pcs

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Plastic welding rods / plastic welding kit /mix of sizes & shapes,

 in packs:

ABS 5pcs, PP 5pcs, HDPE 5pcs, PC/PBT 5pcs, PP/PE 5pcs

shape/size: mix

triangular 3mm, 4mm, 5mm

flat strips: 6mm, 8mm,

colours: black

lenght 440-450mm

packs may be vary

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Plastic Solutions UK Distribution Ltd

Our company deals with the supply and distribution of thermoplastic welding rods made of high-quality granules, plastic welding device and related accessories. We also offer sets for beginners. These are starter kits each containing a selection of mixed rods. We adapt the product to the needs of our customers, which is why we keep expanding our assortment.

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